Commitment to Customers and the Community


Our name says it all, Solutions. We believe that you can focus on the problem or the solution. Jill grew up in a home with a focus on property. Her father was a developer and general contractor and her mother managed rental property. In the early 1980’s Jill’s father built some condominiums and discovered that there were not a lot of options for management at the time. Her parents built on the strengths of their combined professions and set up one of the first management companies in Butler County, problem solved. Darien Solutions was started in the same manner, we saw the need for a local management company that could and would take a hands on approach in dealing with community management. Jill and Dean opened Darien Solutions at the request of a community who, based on their previous experience with Jill’s work at Fairham, wanted a management company that would provide quality, budget conscious,  profession service for their community. 

Darien’s new home/ remodeling division also gives us the experience and expertise to complete projects, even those started by other contractors. Dean knows how a home is built, what to look for when making repairs and who to contact to provide service. We know how to work with building departments to determine what is needed to assume the permit or complete a project. We have a full time office staff in addition to Dean and Jill and can respond quickly during normal business hours and have an emergency number in place for after hour emergencies.