Stabilization services help stop future damage and repair safety concerns
  • Maintenance of a community is one of the biggest budget items. Whether it is day to day repairs or major reserve projects, the budget of any association can be rapidly depleted by poor quality repairs. At Darien Solutions many simple repairs and service items will be done by our professional in house team at a reasonable hourly rate. Other jobs will require either a licensed professional or are more cost effective when done by an outside contractor. Darien Solutions will make sure each repair is handled promptly and professionally.

  • Darien Solutions commitment to getting the most out of every maintenance dollar has lead us to create a "Service Day".  Service day is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (depending on the needs of the community)day to perform non emergency service in order to avoid the “trip charge trap”.  We try to schedule this day around trash removal or lawn care in order to provide trash pickup services at the same time.  For emergency service such as leaks, electric outage or major storm damage we can usually offer a same day inspection and if the issue is within the agreed scope of our work and budget, we will make the repair on the spot.  If it requires bids or a licensed contractor, we will do what we can to stop further damage and immediately contact the appropriate contractors.  Time is not just money spent, it can also be money saved. At Darien Solutions we do our best to utilize the resources of each community to their fullest.

  • At the beginning of our contract we will review your community either with the Board or on our own to create a list of service concerns. We will prioritize the repairs based on several factors to provide the Board of Directors a clear picture of what needs to be done along with the level of importance.



With in house staff

  • Cleanup and removal of trash
  • Repair or replace broken windows and doors
  • Fix leaking roofs
  • Pool chemical monitoring and cleaning
  • Cleaning and repair of gutters
  • Replacement of lights and repairs to some fixtures
  • Exterior trim repair
  • Quick removal of storm debris
  • Fence and gate repair
  • Caulking
  • Minor roof repairs
  • Minor exterior repairs
  • Replacement of some exterior siding
  • Minor painting

Services we contract from outside companies which are always inspected by our supervisor include

  • Lawn care
  • Snow removal
  • Concrete and blacktop replacement
  • Roof replacement
  • Complete siding replacement
  • Hallway cleaning